​The year 2018 was indeed a very significant year for the Tux Club, Inc. We have hosted another successful Scholarship Gala, and secured new supporters in the process. The past year not only marked our 99th year of existence, but also the very first year of obtaining a sponsor for one of our educational scholarships, and in presenting our young mentored boys at our annual  Gala.

Again in 2018 we provided Thanksgiving meals to more than 100 families, and supported both local and national charitable organizations. Our affair was attended by over 300 guests who witnessed the presentation of  the educational scholarship checks to two outstanding young senior students. The honorees were Miss Eliana Edwards of Lake Taylor High School, (the Tux Club honoree), and Miss Ayana Simmons of Indian River High School, the first Clemtec Inc. Educational Scholarship honoree. Throughout the evening, all of our guests enjoyed the dynamic music of The Forte Jazz Band.

No organization can endure for 99 years without realizing that the need to recognize, and recruit, new members for continued service is paramount. One of our primary goals in 2018 was to increase our rolls by bringing in those individuals who have the desire to serve our communities. We have accomplished that goal with the addition of four new members. We warmly welcome Larry Beckum, Herman Cox Jr., David Jemmott and Martin Ingram  III. 

I want to offer a special thank you to our wives and significant others for their continued assistance and reinforcement, and to our benefactor and patrons who continue to support us as we strive to achieve our mission of service.

As we usher in the new year, we welcome its challenges, and as in 2018, we expect to meet those challenges with the same enthusiasm and vigor we displayed in 2018.

 Frank Clemons

"Serving our communities through mentorship, scholarship and charity"

​​​​Scholarship Presentations 

The President's Corner   

"Mr John Clemons of  Clemtec Inc."

2019 Scholarship Recipient

" Ms Aniya D Simmons"

Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel

​777 Waterside Drive Norfolk, Virginia 23510

Our Scholarship Benefactor

2019 Scholarship Recipient

"Ms Eliana A. Edwards"