Join us  for a night of fun and entertainment

at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside

777 Waterside Drive Norfolk, Virginia


Reservation Link for 100th Anniversary Tuxedo Ball Room Block.

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Show Time

9:30  - 11:30 pm

“The show was Awesome.  That man and his group put on a great show. 2 hrs of great music he even thru in a Lil Chuck for the DMV!!! A must see event.” (THEARC)“

The Tux Club, Incorporated

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An Outstanding tribute to Luther Vandross. Loved it.” “I could see it over and over again and still enjoy it better than the first time! Mr. Luther II rocked the house and so did his backups and the incredible band members... If you don't get to see them, you are really missing out--big time. They really give their all and more!” (Goldstar)

Show Date

Janurary 11, 2020

"Serving our communities through mentorship, scholarship and charity"

William aka Luther sang his butt off, along with his two lady sidekicks!!! We screamed, danced and remembered Luther. I would pay to see them again!!!!!!”

Ticket Prices

$ 85.00 per person